Monday, October 29, 2012

New Post New HairStyle


My blog is officially alive again today.Since it is a new post after so long,I would like to blog about my new hair.Last Saturday, I went to the 76Style salon with my friend,Linda.We have read so much on this salon therefore we decided to have a hairstyle change.So much as I love Hannah Tan,I decided to have Amy,her stylist to cut my hair.So I was asking her if I could have bangs because my face is so chubby.She was like "Yeah Yeah no problem.Any hair should suit your face." So as she touched my hair with that pair of scissors in her hand,my heart was like bopbopbopbop. In seconds, i said bye to my years of long fringe. Fortunately it turned out nicer than what i imagined (I Love It!!!).I did tried their ultra sonic treatment too which they are doing promotion for October which cost only RM 169 instead of np RM 250. This treatment only took 20 minutes and I can feel the difference before and after. My hair eventually softer, smoother, no more tangled hair even without conditioner and most importantly less hair fall now. These are the reasons why this treatment is serious magical.



SO what do you guys think of my new hair?Yay or Nay?

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